You’re Driving Home Our Reputation!

At Joe Que’s Auto Body, we’re your source for collision repair services and auto body restoration in Poughkeepsie, NY. We service all makes and models, specializing in professional, top-quality repairs. We understand that your car is one of your largest investments. That’s why you can expect honesty, value, and the exceptional customer service you deserve.

joequeJoe Que would like to explain a few simple fact:

New York State DMV law says: You have the right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice:

  • Most insurance companies are trying to steer their customer to their preferred shops.
  • They use very convincing word tracks to make it sound so easy.
  • They’ll say if you don’t go to this shop, it will take 2 weeks before our adjuster will see your car.
  • The truth is they have 7 days from the time you file the report to see your car.

Why Joe Que’s  Auto Body is not on any insurance preferred repair programs

  • Our opinion is, that the referral program started out with good intentions, but became more financially beneficial to the insurance companies, than anyone else.
  • These programs are now designed to save the insurance companies money, at your expense, by squeezing the body shops to use the cheapest parts and materials available.
  • Most programs require a shop to give discounted labor rates of up to 6.00 to 9.00 dollars an hour. To use as many used parts and aftermarket parts as possible and offer free towing & storage if the car is totaled.
  • This means the shop has to cut corners, and get the car in and out of their shop, as quick as possible. But in return the insurance company will send the Preferred Shops as much work as they can handle. Giving the shop NO incentives to do a quality repair.
  • At Joe Que’s Auto Body,  we have relied on repeat customers and referrals for the last 34 years.
  • No one should be rip off, not even the insurance company. But they should pay a fair price to repair your car to pre-accident condition.
  • We work with all insurance companies to get you a fair settlement.
  • At Joe Que’s Auto Body we give you a quality repair with a lifetime warranty.

This is just a quick synopsis for more information call me Joe Que at 845-473-3818

Understanding  your Insurance coverage – Liability, Collision, Comprehensive & No Fault

  • No Fault insurance in New York state means: That if there are injuries in an automobile accident all parties will receive medical treatment. That’s It!  It doesn’t mean it is not your fault or theirs. It’s somebody Fault!
  • Liability insurance is mandatory in New York state because it covers the other party in an accident, when the accident is your fault.
  • Collision insurance covers your car in an accident when it’s your fault. It’s also mandatory if your car is financed.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers an act of god, hitting an animal or tree falling on it, which is usually a non-chargeable accident
  • This is a brief explanation of insurance.

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What to do in case of an accident

  • Take out your smart phone and take photos!
  • Take photos of the other person’s insurance card & driver license
  • take photos of the accident scene both cars
  • take photos of the driver and passengers of the car
  • Don’t rely on the police to get all the information